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    Please give me some advice on Euthanaise?.



    Its never easy to say goodbye. Coming to terms with the idea that a beloved pet is nearing the end of his journey through life is hard.
    He may have been a constant and devoted companion for many years or perhaps grew up with the children as part of the family. We understand you will miss them as much as you would a close friend or even a family member.

    Probably most of us hope our dog or cat will pass away quietly in their sleep. However, death by natural causes may be drawn out and cause the dog pain and distress. It is the quality of your animal’s life that is so important when making a decision whether or not to put him to sleep. No one should feel guilty about choosing euthanaise for their pet when the time comes. It is a kind and considerate final act of a caring owner.

    The procedure of euthanaise can be done in the practice or at your own home. If coming to the practice we can arrange a time outside consulting hours so the room is quieter and there is less waiting time.
    A little hair is clipped from a front leg. The anaesthetic overdose will be given by injection into a vein in the leg. He will peacefully fall asleep.
    You can at all times stroke or cuddle your dog so he knows you’re with him at the end. If you prefer not to be present, our nurse will give him the comfort for you.

    We can arrange for your pet to be cremated, either individually or not. Individual cremation allows for you to get you pets ashes back.

    Please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of staff about any concerns you may have.

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